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Mood-Lifter for Women and Energy Booster for Men Lead New All-Natural Wellness Product Line Internal Harmony Balancing Cream with natural progesterone and Onkor Vitality Gel with cordyceps

New Skin Cream with Natural Progesterone for Women Lifts Mood; Skin Cream for Men Increases Energy Naturally

Phoenix AZ -- March 11, 2008 -- DreamBrands, Inc., a company dedicated to creating innovative, healthier and natural alternatives for the mature consumer, today announced the national introduction of two new all-natural formulations to help aging men and women increase energy, create inner harmony, and maintain a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. These two new wellness products are formulated to help consumers "live life in balance "and "defy maturity," especially after the age of 40 when healthy aging becomes more challenging.

The new products, Internal Harmony Balancing Cream with natural progesterone  for women and Onkor Vitality Gel for men work in harmony with the body to significantly help defy the natural aging process by maintaining youthful energy levels and positive moods.

"Men and women 40-plus are increasingly searching out natural ingredients rather than man-made chemicals for their personal care needs," says DreamBrands Chief Scientist Cecile Kehoe. "The top identified consumer needs are mood enhancement for women and to increase energy for men."

"Our research shows that men who use Onkor will notice a significant increase in energy and stamina within 24 hours," Kehoe notes. "With Internal Harmony Balancing Cream, women will notice that as soon as their body chemistry is balanced, their moods will stabilize and improve."

Find Your Inner Zen

Internal Harmony Balancing Cream for Women is the first balancing cream that incorporates natural progesterone from wild yam, botanical extracts and antioxidants.

As a woman ages, her body's ability to produce progesterone drops. The extracts in Internal Harmony Balancing Cream optimize the balancing effects of natural progesterone. When applied to the inner leg or arm, this balancing cream slowly absorbs into the skin to deliver health and wellness benefits including reduced anxiety, a boost in libido, and a sustained increase in energy and stamina.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

A large number of energy gels, drinks and super-caffeinated energy products produce quick bursts of energy. These "instant energy" products provide an immediate adrenaline rush, but they wear off quickly and cause consumers to feel even more tired. As a result, users often consume these products in much larger and unhealthier quantities than needed in order to sustain their energy, taxing the stomach, liver, kidneys and heart.

New Onkor Vitality Gel for Men is different. Onkor is a topical energy gel that helps adult men increase energy, fight fatigue and balance their body chemistry naturally without caffeine or testosterone.

Onkor's primary ingredient is Cordyceps Extract (cordyceps sinensis), a well-known Chinese herb that has proven dramatic results in boosting vitality and energy, naturally. The formulation includes other advanced extracts including Reishi and Maitake mixed with natural essential oils and plant emulsifiers. This custom blend was specifically chosen to strengthen, energize and revitalize the internal core of a man's body to naturally "fight the effects of aging."

When applied to the skin, Onkor's plant nutrients slowly and effectively absorb into the body without over-stimulating the organs. Men experience a significant difference in their energy levels and stamina within 24 hours.

Both Onkor Vitality Gel featuring cordyceps and Internal Harmony Balancing Cream with natural progesterone are packaged in a 3.3 oz. pump (75 applications) for the suggested retail price of $24.95 and are available at

By the year 2010, the 40-plus age group will expand to nearly 50 percent of the total U.S. population and control more than two-thirds of consumer spending.

"Despite the attractiveness of this market, there are not many choices for natural, personal care products specifically for this age group, especially wellness formulations that offer a natural solution designed to help maturing adults maintain their vitality over time," comments Kehoe.

About Dreambrands, Inc.

Internal Harmony Balancing Cream for Women™ with natural progesterone, Onkor Vitality Gel for Men™, G Stimulating Lubricant and Carrageenan Personal Lubricant™ are developed by Dreambrands, Inc., a Phoenix based personal care products company dedicated to the development of natural personal care products for men and women 40-plus.

The company's CEO, Gary Kehoe, is a seasoned entrepreneur and nationally renowned expert on product innovation, prototyping and new product launches. He has successfully formulated more than a dozen consumer products that have become household names for companies such as Nabisco, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. and Gum Tech. He is an inventor or co-inventor on more than 20 U.S. patents. In 2006, Dreambrands, Inc. launched Carrageenan, a natural personal lubricant designed to mimic a woman's natural lubrication. Carrageenan is extracted from pure, natural red algae and offers an attractive alternative to the traditional synthetic, chemical-based solutions of the other leading lubricant products.




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