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Is Ocean Plant Life the Key to Safer Sex? Carrageenan™ Personal Lubricant from Oceanus Brands Enhances Women's Pleasure and May Help Protect Women's Health

From, July 19, 2007

A recent National Cancer Institute study shows that carrageenan, a compound extracted from ocean plant life, may inhibit the spread of the human papilloma virus (HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer and genital warts). Oceanus Brands, a company bringing advanced science to the consumer products industry, set out to use carrageenan to create a personal lubricant that replicates a woman's own natural moisture. In the end, they created much more than that: a personal lubricant that enhances women's pleasure and may help protect women's health.

Think all personal lubricants are created equal? Think again. Carrageenan, the key ingredient and namesake of Carrageenan(TM) Personal Lubricant, is 100% natural and has been used for years as a highly effective thickener. As it turns out, carrageenan also has some unexpected health benefits. U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) studies have uncovered that carrageenan is an "exceptionally potent" inhibitor of HPV. In fact, they've found that it's 100 times more potent than any other compound at inhibiting the spread of the virus. These attributes have also been found in Carrageenan(TM) Personal Lubricant. The latest in vivo NCI study suggests that Carrageenan(TM) prevents genital transmission of HPV.

And there's more good news.

Carrageenan may prevent the transmission of HPV even in the presence of a spermicide. As shown in recent years, non-oxynol 9 actually increases the chance of sexual transmission of viruses because of the damage it causes to the walls of the vagina. NCI scientists found that carrageenan prevents the transmission of HPV in the genital mucosa rendered susceptible to infection by chemical disruption with non-oxynol 9.

Gary Kehoe, CEO of Oceanus Brands and creator of Carrageenan™, says, "This new medical finding on the health benefits of carrageenan as an inhibitor of certain types of HPV is astounding. While more research is needed, carrageenan could protect millions of men and women. It could change the way people have sex."

Carrageenan(TM), The Brand

Oceanus Brands named its new personal lubricant Carrageenan™ -- inspired by the ingredient carrageenan. Many of the country's best-selling personal lubricants are developed with man-made and synthetic ingredients, such as silicone and propylene glycol. Carrageenan™ is a silky, sexy and sensational smooth lubricant that is long-lasting and closely replicates a woman's own natural moisture. While the product is ideal for women experiencing loss of moisture as a result of menopause, all women need a personal lubricant on occasion. In fact, almost 95% of all sexually active women of all ages can benefit from a personal lubricant on an occasional or regular basis.

So when the researchers at Oceanus Brands discovered carrageenan, they knew they had a winning formula that would help millions of people from a sexual wellness and a sexual intimacy point of view. "Advanced science is at the heart of what the company does," says Kehoe. "We wanted to create a healthy product that men and women would embrace. After years of scientific research and testing, we are convinced that Carrageenan™ Personal Lubricant is the best personal intimacy product on the market today, and with its strong potential health benefits, its ability to protect consumers against certain strains of HPV is quite amazing."

Product Information

Carrageenan™ Regular and Warming is currently available nationally throughout the United States. The product retails for $12.99 (4 oz. bottle) and is also available for purchase online at or

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