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Women's lubricant possibly protects from STDs

Syleste RodriguezSyleste Rodriguez, KPNX-TV Channel 12 New Reporter ~ 12 News Up Front, May. 22, 2007

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In the same lab where some foods are made and taste tested, scientists have created a new product for women. A lubricant called Carrageenan.

"We were trying to make something that was not only good for them, but, could potentially make for safer sex," Dreambrands CEO Gary Kehoe says.

Gary Kehoe is the CEO of the Phoenix company Dreambrands. Kehoe says Carrageenan is the main ingredient in their product. It's a natural extract found in seaweed. He says scientists are testing it to see whether it can be used to protect women from HIV, HPV and Herpes.

"People are starting to understand the benefits of this algae from the sea and what can keep the sea healthy can also help keep us healthy," Kehoe says.

Health and women's magazines have written a number of positive reviews about the product and Carrageenan.

"It's been examined," Doctor Steven Nelson says, "(and) appears to be quite safe, and is found in foods worldwide."

Nelson says Carrageenan is found in foods like ice cream. But, says much more testing and studies need to be done before he believes the extract can guard against sexually transmitted diseases.

"It's certainly in all likelihood safe, but whether or not it fits the other advantages that are being suggested, I think that remains to be seen," Nelson says.

You can find the $11 bottle on supermarket shelves.


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