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Redbook recommends Carrageenan Again
Redbook, October 2008

Redbook editors choose Carrageenan over 200 competitors
Redbook, March 2007

Style editor for NBC’s Today Show chooses Carrageenan™ Personal Lubricant as its Trend Pick
The Trend Report, Spring 2007

Health reports National Cancer Institute research on Carrageenan
Health Magazine, February 2007

Is Ocean Plant Life the Key to Safer Sex?, July 19, 2007

CTV News Airs Story About Carrageenan Health Benefits
July 2006

Dreaming big: Personal lubricant maker going global
The Business Journal of Phoenix, May 11, 2007

Personal Lubricants Enter Mainstream
Mass Market Retailer, Spring 2006

Carrageenan launch covered in OBGYN & Reproductive Week
October 2006

Enhance the quality of your sex life
Today's Black Woman, November 2006

First and Only Personal Lubricant Made from Carrageenan
Health News Digest, November 2006

Carrageenan on front page of Pharmacy Lighthouse
February 2007

Stephen Roman in the lab

New product is due to slide out of lab soon
The Arizona Republic, August 9, 2006

Patents Take Planning, Patience
The Business Journal of Phoenix, September 8, 2006

Women's lubricant possibly protects from STDs
Channel 12 & AZ Central, May. 22, 2007


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Mood-Lifter for Women and Energy Booster for Men Lead New All-Natural Wellness Product Line

Phoenix AZ -- March 11, 2008 -- DreamBrands, Inc., a company dedicated to creating innovative, healthier and natural alternatives for the mature consumer, today announced the national introduction of two new all-natural formulations to help aging men and women increase energy, create inner harmony, and maintain a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. These two new wellness products are formulated to help consumers "live life in balance "and "defy maturity," especially after the age of 40 when healthy aging becomes more challenging.  continued...

New Site Offers Three New Wellness Products

March 4, 2008 - DreamBrands Inc., a company dedicated to creating innovative, healthier and natural alternatives for the mature consumer, today announced the national launch of, a new e-commerce site offering Carrageenan Personal Lubricant™ and three new sexual wellness products for sale online.   continued...

Two New Products Launching at the FBR Open

Phoenix, AZ - January 17, 2008 - DreamBrands will unveil two new consumer products under its DEFY MATURITY product campaign at the 2008 FBR Open Jan 28 – Feb 3.   continued...

National Cancer Institute Study Finds That Carrageenan™ Ingredient May Inhibit Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Phoenix, AZ - July 19, 2007 - A recent U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) study shows that carrageenan, a compound extracted from red algae, may inhibit the spread of the human papilloma virus (HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer and genital warts). Carrageenan is the key ingredient and namesake of Carrageenan™ Personal Lubricant, a natural personal lubricant created by Oceanus Brands. continued...

DreamBrands Launches the First Personal Lubricant Made From “Carrageenan” Red Algae

Natural personal lubricant contains no silicone or glycol like other leading brands

PHOENIX, AZ - December 28, 2006 – DreamBrands, a company dedicated to finding healthy solutions to give women and men better lifestyle choices, introduces Carrageenan™ -- the country’s first personal lubricant extracted from ocean plant life (marine red algae or seaweed.) continued...

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